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California Dreaming with Kyle Lewis MX Academy

Training with Kyle Lewis MX Academy- with Schmidt Performance Suspension Development 

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“The name Kyle Lewis has been on the lips of American race fans since 1982 (when he was a major force in the National Minicycle Championships). In 1987, Kyle became the youngest rider, up to that point, to ever win a 125 Supercross (he would win three rounds of the AMA 125 West that year). In 1995 and 1996, Kyle won the MTEG Ultracross Championship for Team Noleen/Yamaha (a team that included Larry Brooks and Mike Craig). Kyle was the top privateer in the AMA Nationals in 1994, 1995, 2001 and 2002. Amazingly enough, Kyle Lewis is still racing, 22 years after his first AMA Pro race (and he won the 2008 World Vet Championship last season).

After his first AMA Pro win in 1987, Kyle spent almost ten years racing for a variety of teams in search of a factory ride. Finally, in 1997 the phone rang. It was Team Suzuki?Team Suzuki of Japan. The offer was for full works bikes, a big salary and all the support he could ever want, but he had to move to Japan. Following in the footsteps of Eddie Warren, Ron Tichenor and Jeff Matiasevich, Kyle left the convenience-store comfort of America for the sushi of Japan. Not a bad decision, as Kyle won the 1998 and 1999 All-Japan National Motocross Championships.

Kyle returned to the U.S. after his Japanese adventure- 

and hooked up with the famous Moto XXX team. Kyle gave the rock ?n’ roll team instant credibility and stayed with them for eight years (2000-07). Now, with Moto XXX a distant memory, Kyle has pared his race schedule back. For 2009, the 38-year-old, whose first bike was a Honda MR50 (Mister 50), plans to defend his World Vet title, race selected 450 Nationals, do a couple WORCS races and go to the Mammoth Mountain motocross.

Amazingly enough, the MXA wrecking crew has tested more of Kyle Lewis’ race bikes than almost any other rider’s bikes. We couldn’t let a streak like that get broken, so to extend Kyle’s lead, MXA called Kyle to see if we could get our hands on his 2009 Kal-Guard-sponsored Honda CRF450. Kyle, as always, was gracious enough to give it to us.” 
-Motocross Action Magazine, Read Full Article  HERE

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